Be Just with your Enemy

Be Just with your Enemy

Everyone has his own enemies that is the nature of life . Dealing with enemies in most cases subject to one`s feelings towards them. The more you hate your enemy the more you mistreat them but human being is commanded to be just with others in all cases , especially in case of enmity . In verse 5:7 the Almighty Allah  says : ” O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety; and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do.”

This verse emphasize three facts: First of all is that being just on your dealing with others is a great virtue that believers ought to be characterized with.

Second, justice with enemy is an obligation on those who believe in Allah and the hereafter, they have to do justice to their enemy and do not unjust them for any reason even if the dispute is between Muslim and non-Muslim, justice has to be done and the right must return to its owner even if he is non-Muslim. Third, being just with enemy is nearer to the right faith believing in Allah, his messengers, and divine books.

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